Special Needs

We have had a great deal of  experience at hosting Special Needs visits here at The College Farm.  We are proud to be a part of the Let Nature Feed Your Senses project – this is an initiative run by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) and The Sensory Trust which aims to connect people to the Countryside using food, farming and sensory rich activities.  It targets people who currently cannot or do not access the countryside because of age, ability or social situation.  Over the last 5 years The College Farm has hosted visits from people with

  • learning difficulties
  • visual impairments,
  • physical disabilities
  • the elderly
  • children excluded from mainstream education

All visits are tailored to each individual group.  We aim to make visits as sensory as possible – the smells, sounds, and (within the classroom) taste of a farm are all included within a visit, plus we have a fantastic sensory garden  full of plants that smell and feel amazing.   Because every group has different needs, we encourage the group leader to come on a pre visit to the farm.

BBC Radio 4 Programme– ‘In Touch’ host  Tony Shearman joined members of the visually impaired group, Bucks Vision, on a special sensory visit to College Farm  to get up close and personal with the touch, sounds and smells of the countryside. Have a listen to the radio report.


Hi Claire, what a great day! Thanks for all your hard work and to the animals for behaving so well. Everyone came back with something to recall and all had red cheeks. Can’t wait till next time!

Aylesbury College