Bespoke Outdoor Learning visits tailored to your school’s needs

A visit to The College Farm has so much potential- what do you want it to be?  There are a huge variety of things to do at The College Farm. From studying the story of wheat from field to bread, to following the story of wool from sheep to jumper.  Plus we have several different habitats to study within the stunning environment of our 400 acre farm.  By using the farm as a resourse a whole range of subjects can be covered including:

  • Science
  • Numeracy
  • Art
  • Cookery
  • Literacy
  • History
  • Geography
  • Physical Activities

Plus lots more… All visits and learning objectives are tailored to fit the age group and ability levels of those attending. We encourage you to discuss your individual requirements with us prior to your visit.

Visit Report By Year 1, Long Crendon School

We went to College Farm last week. We saw some sheep and cows and we felt the wool on the sheep. It was fluffy and wet! We saw creamy-white cows and big, strong bulls with little horns. The chicken pecked at our hands when we were feeding it and it tickled!

We also saw scary, big standing scarecrows in the field where barley had been sown.

It was really muddy so we had to wash our wellies and walk through a little trampoline with foam on it.

Thank you, College Farm, we had a very nice and exciting time!